Company Profile

MBI Pharma was formed from the vision of its founding team that realized the need for international pharmaceuticals companies to have dedicated representation in Israel. MBI Pharma offers a unique approach in the Israeli Market, with a commitment to excellence and unrivalled service levels.

The company has gained a strong reputation as a leading specialist partner to the healthcare sector in Israel and currently sells more than 500 different unlicensed medicines as well as several registered medicines to the major sick funds and government hospitals in Israel.

Our goal and commitment

MBI Pharma is proud to be a growing company that represents international companies in the Israeli pharma market and introduces their product to physicians, nurses and pharmacists. Our goal is to help make the Israeli population healthier and to provide a dedicated and responsive customer focus which will assist healthcare professionals in giving the best available treatments.
We commit to offering our partners expert and specialized brand management from the initial pre-registration process through to launch, in order to maximize sales throughout the product life cycle.


MBI Pharma established in 2010, is a specialist niche pharmaceutical company, focusing on the registration, introduction & maximization of new and mature pharmaceutical specialty & rare products to the Israeli market place. MBI Pharma is a subsidiary (a sales & marketing affiliate) of Mawdsley-Brooks Ltd UK.

Mawdsleys was established nearly 200 years ago, and are the UK’s largest independent pharmaceutical supplier, supplying over 100,000 specialty medicines, working with over 500 manufacturers worldwide to satisfy patient needs across the globe, sourcing from and supplying to six continents.