Our Partners

MBI Pharma is proud to represent several International Pharma companies in Israel. From MBI Pharma, our partners can expect the most professional approach, from high level strategic thinking, deep market understanding, careful planning to flawless implementation in order to secure that each and every one of your products will be launched and managed in Israel in the best way possible.

We, the MBI Pharma team, know that high levels of ethics, compliance and corporate governance are expected from us – our partners have chosen us because they can trust that we will deliver on each of these aspects, while delivering excellent levels of performance and service.

  • Mguettant Essential Medicines
  • Bichsel
  • ADIENNE Pharma & Biotech
  • Cell Pharm
  • Kern Pharma
  • Recordati Rare Diseases
  • Leadiant Biosciences