Un-Licensed Sales

Ensuring that all medicines are made available to all patients who need them

Since its creation, as part of the Mawdsleys Group, MBI Pharma started a dedicated operation focused on providing fully managed and regulatory compliant access for physicians and their patients to medicines that are not approved in Israel. Since then, MBI Pharma has been working directly with several pharmaceutical companies and healthcare establishments to ensure that products can be accessed wherever a patient’s unmet clinical need requires it.

MBI Pharma provides a regulatory compliant and cost effective solution for pharmaceutical and biotech companies to make medicines available to patients where no licensed treatment option exists in Israel. This often happens when medicine is new and has not yet been approved in Israel, because a clinical trial in which patients could have been enrolled is finishing or because a previously licensed medicine has been discontinued.

In all these cases, MBI Pharma can provide a flexible solution which will provide patients with quick and secure access to the medicines they need.

By centralizing access for patients through Mawdsleys Group and its Israeli subsidiary, MBI Pharma, pharmaceutical companies gain full visibility of demand as well as control of the information which passes to and from the healthcare provider.

Why order un-licensed medicine with MBI Pharma?

  • MBI is the largest supplier of un-licensed medicines in Israel
  • MBI Pharma is part of the UK based Mawdsleys Group, which give us access for multiple sources worldwide.
  • Our Quality Assurance is regularly audited – guarantying the highest level of compliance and quality.
  • MBI Pharma’s un-licensed medicine quality controls abroad and in Israel help prevent the risk of product quality issues, securing the best quality of products for your patients
  • MBI Pharma and its distribution network (Novolog) are compliant with GDP, Good Distribution Practices.

Why Healthcare professionals require un-licensed medicine?

  • As a Physician, you want your patient to access a new breakthrough medicine that is approved elsewhere (i.e. USA, EU, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Scandinavian countries, New Zealand, Japan) but not yet registered in Israel.
  • You want your patient to receive an old drug, very safe and effective, but not registered in Israel anymore for commercial reasons-
  • You want your patient to receive an new drug, very safe and effective, but that has not been registered in Israel because of the small size of the market

How does it work?

  1. The physician practitioner defines that a patient or a group of patients need a drug not registered in Israel
  2. The individual physician fills in special form for an individual patient (private pharmacy or hospital / HMO) or the hospital / HMO fills in a special form for a group of patients
  3. The filled form is forwarded to a private pharmacist or to Novolog  to manage the process.
  4. MBI Pharma receives the request and requires approval by the Israeli Ministry of Health.
  5. MBI Pharma imports the best controlled sourced product and performs all required, most stringent quality controls abroad and in Israel, then delivers it.